professional editing

Whether you are still in the planning and plotting phase of your book writing or you feel like your manuscript is ready to publish, editing is a consideration for every writer to make. No matter your writing experience, your book deserves to be polished and ready for distribution. Your attention to detail is superior, and your story is your baby that you’ve handled with the best of care. You still need the professional feedback from folks who are keen on everything from writing style and grammar to story construction and world-building.


No successful author ever published a book without having first gone through the process of professional editing.

When you use Haint Blue’s editing services, we partner with you to polish your book, combing through every detail to be sure your story has the best possible opportunity for success. Whether you are new to the self-publishing process and need developmental edits—feedback on your style, characters, and plot—or you’re a seasoned writer who needs help with the tedious details of identifying line and copy edits, Haint Blue can assist you.

If you need your first draft manuscript edited, start by downloading the free HBPC Service Guide. Click the button below to get started.

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