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Whether an eBook, paperback, or both, Haint Blue Publishing Company publishes your completed manuscript directly to Amazon, the self-publishing industry's leader in publishing and distribution, selling more books than any other bookseller in the world*.  Our book publishing services include the establishment of your own Amazon account on which we will set-up your eBook and/or paperback for global distribution to 13 Marketplaces. You’ll enjoy a 70-30-0 royalties structure in which you receive 70% royalties on your book sales, Amazon keeps 30%, and Haint Blue Publishing Company keeps absolutely nothing.


Amazon sells more books than any other bookseller in the world.*  

Your book should be one of them.

When you are ready to self-publish your edited and formatted manuscript, click the button below and let's get started.

*According to, 2020

**Although we provide hardcover cover design services, we are not publishing hardcover books at this time.

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